The courses that I teach at UC Berkeley are:

Ling 110 - Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology. This is an introduction to phonetics and phonology for advanced undergraduate linguistics majors, for first year linguistics graduate students, and for graduate students in allied language, literature and culture departments. See the course webpage.

Ling 113 - Experimental Phonetics.This course provides students with hands-on experience in methods of experimental phonetic research, including audio recording, acoustic speech database construction, recording and interpreting speech air flow and pressure, static palatography, speech synthesis, and the design of perception tests. In addition, students recieve training in writing up experimental results for publication. See the course webpage.

Ling 210 - Phonetic Theory. This course explores phonetic theory focussing on four or five key topics, reading background literature, and responding to a recent "target article" on each topic. Students also prepare a research proposal in one of the research areas. See the course webpage.

Ling 290e - Seminar in Phonetics. The topic of this research seminar varies from year to year. In 2010 the focus of the seminar will be on speech perception, targeting especially the phenomenon known as "compensation for coarticulation".

John Ohala and I taught LSA317 "Experimental Phonology" at the 2007 LSA summer institute at Stanford.

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