Geography and place names

Place names in the Big Lagoon area

Chkweges 'W-a'aag • a sea-stack, the larger of the Turtle Rocks near Patrick's Point

Poykoh 'O Lep • a knoll just north of Big Lagoon

Sumig • Patrick's Point

'O Keget'oh • a place on the sandbar by Big Lagoon

'O Kegey • Goat Rock (a ridge between Stone Lagoon and Big Lagoon)

'O Ket'oh • Big Lagoon, a town on Big Lagoon

'O Ket'u'l • Big Lagoon

'O Kneget • a large sea-stack just south of the mouth of the Klamath, Flint Rock Head (a conspicuous promontory south of the mouth of the Klamath), a crag on a cliff at the north of Patrick's Point, a rock in the ocean near the mouth of Luffenholtz Creek

'O Pyuuweg • a village on the south shore of Big Lagoon

'O Slookw • a site on the northeast shore of Big Lagoon