Geography and place names

Place names in the Churey area

Churew • Trinidad, Tsurai, the Indian town at Trinidad

Churewa' • Trinidad Head (a large rounded promontory at Trinidad, almost separated from the mainland)

Churey • Trinidad, Tsurai, the Indian town at Trinidad

Hoktkehl • a promontory on the north side of Trinidad Head

Krrnit 'Wo-'O'l • Little Trinidad Head (a promontory near Trinidad Head)

Legep'ew • a hole or cave on the southwest side of Trinidad Head

'Leptoyhl 'O Pkwegech • a reef north of Churey

Mewomekwehl • a flat area by Trinidad Head, now a parking lot

Raayip • a pebbly beach at the south end of 'E'goo, by Trinidad Head

Srepor • a village site south of Churey

'E'goo • a beach north of Trinidad Head

'O Kegep • a spring near 'O Men 'We Roy, a sea-stack near Elk Point, north of Churey

'O Kneget • a large sea-stack just south of the mouth of the Klamath, Flint Rock Head (a conspicuous promontory south of the mouth of the Klamath), a crag on a cliff at the north of Patrick's Point, a rock in the ocean near the mouth of Luffenholtz Creek

'O Kweges • sand dunes south of the mouth of Little River

'O Legew • a place on the east side of Trinidad Head

'O Schegep' • a rock by the landing spot at Churey

'O Shyrgrysh • near Elk Point, "a sea rock, with two points"

'O Tohpew • a natural archway under Krrnit 'Wo-'O'l (Little Trinidad Head)

'U-Kwewon • the beach between Trinidad Head and Little Trinidad Head