Geography and place names

Place names in the Orick area

Chahpekw • a village at Stone Lagoon

Chahpekw 'O Ket'oh • Stone Lagoon

Chahpekw 'O Ket'u'l • Stone Lagoon

Meleg • a sea-stack between 'O Segen and the mouth of the Klamath

Pekwtehl • a rock in the Klamath River near Pekwon, a sea stack by Stone Lagoon

Siigonoy 'u-ket'u'r • Freshwater Lagoon

Tikwoo • the promontory between Stone Lagoon and Freshwater Lagoon

'Yoch 'O Kegey • a place on the sand barrier between Freshwater Lagoon and the ocean

'Espew • a village on the coast between Redwood Creek and the Klamath

'Espew 'O Ket'u'l • the lagoon at 'Espew

'O Pegish • a beach north of 'Espew

'O Schegep' • a site with house-pits somewhere north of Stone Lagoon

'O Segen • a village on the coast between 'Espew and the mouth of the Klamath

'O Segen 'We-Roy • a creek at 'O Segen

'O Tmekwor • a village at the north end of Redwood Lagoon

'O'rekw • mouth of Redwood Creek, a village to the south of Redwood Lagoon (Orick)

'O'rekw 'We-Roy • Redwood Creek