Geography and place names

Place names in the Rek'woy area

Hehlku Srr • Maynot Creek

Hiwow • a house in Rek'woy

Hop'ew • a village in the current location of Klamath

Hop'ew Pul 'We-Roy • a gully upriver from Hop'ew

Hop'ew 'We-Roy • a creek downriver from Hop'ew

Prgish 'O Chyeguuk'w • a sea stack near 'R Hlrgr'

Pulik Srrnry • Hunters Creek

Rek'woy • Requa

Tmry 'We-Roy • Cannery Creek

Tmrry • a settlement next to Rek'woy

Wechpus • a point projecting from the north side of the river into the Klamath estuary

Wehlkwew • a village across the river from Rek'woy

'Yoch Legaay • a ridge above 'O Men 'We-Roy

'O Kegep • a spring near 'O Men 'We Roy, a sea-stack near Elk Point, north of Churey

'O Kneget • a large sea-stack just south of the mouth of the Klamath, Flint Rock Head (a conspicuous promontory south of the mouth of the Klamath), a crag on a cliff at the north of Patrick's Point, a rock in the ocean near the mouth of Luffenholtz Creek

'O Kwegoh 'O Ket'oh • a small lake near 'O Men

'O Men • a town along the coast north of Rek'woy

'O Men Hipur • a village north of 'O Men

'O Men 'We-Roy • Wilson Creek

'O Menok • a place on the Klamath, downriver from Hop'ew

'O Regos • Tucker Rock (a rock at the mouth of the Klamath River)

'O Schegep' • the boat landing at Rek'woy

'O Schegep' • a reddish cliff north(west) of the mouth of the Klamath

'O Twegoh • a draw upriver from Welhkwew, at the mouth of the Klamath

'R Hlrgr' • False Klamath Rock