Geography and place names

Place names in the Wechpus area

Heyomew • a small village on the Klamath

Pekwtuhl • a village between the Klamath and Trinity where they meet

Pelin Krrchrh • the ridge above Pekwtuhl

Plu'l • Fish Lake, on the mountain above Weitchpec and Bluff Creek

Wechpek'w • a spring at Wechpus

Wechpus • Weitchpec (the town)

'O Hlrgr' • a village west of the junction of the Trinity and the Klamath

'O Rew • a fishing place across from Weitchpec, where the current formerly struck the south shore

'O Slegoych • a place where a trail descends, a declivity

'O Slookw • a place one mile up the Trinity from Weitchpec

'Oolekw • acorn grounds on the Klamath, across from Heyomew