Geography and place names

Place names outside specified Yurok areas

Chulu • Bald Hills

Hehlkik 'We-Roy • Klamath River

Hineg • a Tolowa town on Smith River

Hineg 'We-Roy • Smith River

Hup'oo • Hupa

Kohpey • Crescent City, site of Crescent City

Ko'omen • Orleans

Mewihl 'O Legehl • Cann's Prairie (on the ridge of the Bald Hills above the mouth of Redwood Creek)

Ploksew • a prairie by Cedar Creek (tributary to the Trinity River), in Hupa territory

Sewew • Katimin, a place in Karuk territory

'Enek' • Amikiaram, downriver from Sewew, before Salmon River meets the Klamath, in Karuk territory

'O Kaa • a mountain above the Klamath

'O Kaa 'O Ket'u'l • a lake on 'O Kaa

'O Plegoh • a Hupa town (Ta'k'yimił-diŋ "where they stir acorn mush")

'O Rew • a camp-site or town on Redwood Creek, about 4 miles from the coast, just before Chilula land

'O Rew • a rock in Karuk territory