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Broader semantic domain: nature

Related semantic domain(s): properties and relations, animals, plants and trees

More specific semantic domains: landscape, place names, rocks and inanimate natural objects, astronomy and the sky, weather

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chaahl sand, beach

Chaahl 'O Knew a long beach

Chahpekw a village at Stone Lagoon

Chahpekw 'O Ket'oh Stone Lagoon

Chahpekw 'O Ket'ue'l Stone Lagoon

chekche'eehl prayer rock

chek'wehl prayer seat, "stone 'seats' on mountains ... They are semicircular walls of mortared stones, a yard or two across, three or four feet high", flat place in front of a cliff

Chepor a village in the area of Bluff Creek

Chepor 'We-Roy Bluff Creek

cheporeg be cold weather

cheporege'hl it is cold weather

chepore'hl it is cold weather

chepue'r be steep (of water), a little waterfall

che'loy'hl it is dry weather, it evaporates, the river is narrow

chkemkoh flint used in face tattooing

Chkweges 'O Rek'eeen a rock in the Klamath below 'Rnr'

Chkweges 'W-a'aag a sea-stack, the larger of the Turtle Rocks near Patrick's Point

chmeyonen hoogech evening star

Chokeek a place just upriver from Sregon; also called Sreg Pech

Chokeek 'We-Roy Moore's Creek, the creek at Chokik

Chueloyo' July Prairie

Chuelue Bald Hills

Chuerew Trinidad, Tsurai, the Indian town at Trinidad

Chuerewa' Trinidad Head (a large rounded promontory at Trinidad, almost separated from the mainland)

chuerey mountain

Chuerey Trinidad, Tsurai, the Indian town at Trinidad

Ch'eeegolew a place on the Klamath at the mouth of Johnson Creek

Ch'eeegolew 'We-Roy Johnson Creek

Haawok a place on the Klamath upriver from Turip

ha'aag rock

Ha'aag 'O Kloh Doctor Rock

Ha'aag 'O Mekwehl a rock pile in the area of Sregon

Hehlkeek 'We-Roy Klamath River

Hehlkue Serr Maynot Creek

Hewoyek a fishing site on the Klamath near Saa'

Heyomew a small village on the Klamath

Heeneg a Tolowa town on Smith River

Heeneg 'We-Roy Smith River

Heewow a house in Rek'woy

Hee'mehl a place on the Klamath, across and downriver from Saa'

hlkehl land, ground, clay, dirt

hlkeyom clay

hlke'mah ladder, stepping stones

hlkohl mud

hlkoolon be muddy, mud

hl'ohko'hl it thunders

Ho Wegoh a flat near the Klamath, a bend in the river at Lamb's Riffle

Hoktkehl a promontory on the north side of Trinidad Head

hoogech star

hoogech neee'n astronomer

hoogech 'ue-m falling star

hoogechoy be starry (night)

Hop'ew a village in the current location of Klamath

Hop'ew Puel 'We-Roy a gully upriver from Hop'ew

Hop'ew 'We-Roy a creek downriver from Hop'ew

ho'gon north wind, storm

Huep'oo Hupa

kaameg be bad weather

kaamege'hl it is bad weather, it is stormy

kaamopee' rough water, rapids

kechee' it is daylight

kege'y there is lightning

kehlkem red clay, floor

Kenek a village on the Klamath

Kenek Puel a village downriver from Kenek

Kenek 'We-Roy Tuley Creek

Kep'el a big village on the Klamath, next to and upriver from Saa'

ket'oh there is a lagoon, body of still water, lake, lagoon

Kewet Burrill's Peak

Keykem a village on the Klamath, downriver from Metah

keyomop' it's a whirlpool

keyoweyues entrance from the ocean into a lagoon

ke'ween 'we-leen hail

Ke'weenow a village on the Klamath near Srprh

ke'ype'hl there is a flicker of lightning

Keehl 'O Tep Heemar a fishing place on the Klamath

Keehl 'O Tep 'We-Roy a creek on the Klamath

klew waterfall

Knetken 'O Loo a large boulder in the Klamath downstream from Muurekw

Knewsep a long prairie

Knuehl a fishing place (where there is deep water) off Moore's Rock

Knuehlkem a place in the area of Sregon

Ko 'O Tep a village on the Klamath, downriver from Pekwon

Kohpey Crescent City, site of Crescent City

koykuue'l hollow rock (lucky)

koypoh hoogech morning star

Ko'omen Orleans

kerrcherh mountain ridge

Kerrneet 'Wo-'O'l Little Trinidad Head (a promontory near Trinidad Head)

kuereesh the end of a net, the point of a V-shaped mark, used for calendar keeping, made in a slate slab in the floor of a sweat-house

kyah rise (sun or moon), spring (season), vernal

k'e'go' there is lightning

Legep'ew a hole or cave on the southwest side of Trinidad Head

lekonee hoogech falling star, shooting star

lenkwe'hl it is overcast, there is an eclipse

leptenok cloud, clouds blowing

leptenoksee'hl it is cloudy, it gets cloudy

leptenoyhl be cloudy, be misty

lewkwenohl be cloudy

lohkwo'hl it is dull weather

lohpee'hl clouds gather, it is cloudy

lerpsuewer'y it is covered in mist

lerpternue'erwer'y it is bad weather

maay clear (of weather), pass by

mehl seges'ew shooting star

Meleg a sea-stack between 'O Segen and the mouth of the Klamath

Mereep a big village on the Klamath, upriver from Wa's'ey

Metah a town on the Klamath, between Sregon and Nohchkuh

Metah 'We-Heekoh a place across from Metah

Metah 'We-Roy Metah Creek

mew blow in a particular direction (of wind)

mewech' it blows (wind), the wind is blowing in this direction


Meweehl 'O Legehl Cann's Prairie (on the ridge of the Bald Hills above the mouth of Redwood Creek)

mewomech' it blows in a particular direction (of the wind)

Mewomekwehl a flat area by Trinidad Head, now a parking lot

meworoh it is clearing (of weather), clouds are gone

mo'ohpeer fog

mo'ohpeerk be foggy

merkwerhl mountain, peak, hill

merkwermerkw mountain

merkwermerkwerhl mountain chain

Muerekw a village on the Klamath

Nagehl a village on the Klamath

negahse'wey rainbow

nege'hl the weather is (a certain way)

Negono' a place below Keykem

nekeechwey rainbow

Nekoksep an acorn grounds

neeegem flint, obsidian

Nohchkueh a village on the Klamath, upriver from Metah

Nohchkueh Heekoh a place across the river from Nohchkuh

Nueneepeer a village on the Klamath, upriver in the vicinity of Tektah

pa'aahl 'olonew hlkehl island

pa'ah 'o pkwekoyo' a spring (of water)

pehlkohl pebbles, gravel

pehlkoo pebble

Pekwon Pecwan (a village on the Klamath)

Pekwon 'We-Roy Pecwan Creek

Pekwtehl a rock in the Klamath River near Pekwon, a sea stack by Stone Lagoon

Pekwtuehl a village between the Klamath and Trinity where they meet

Peleen Kerrcherh the ridge above Pekwtuhl

pemoyekw rock dish, a hollowed rock used in cooking to collect grease drippings

pewolah terrace, stones used to pave a floor

peyken colored mud

pe'wol soapstone

peeshkaahl ocean, sea

peeshkah salt, sea, ocean

Ploksew a prairie by Cedar Creek (tributary to the Trinity River), in Hupa territory

Plue'l Fish Lake, on the mountain above Weitchpec and Bluff Creek

pontet ashes

Poykoh 'O Lep a knoll just north of Big Lagoon

Prgeesh 'O Chyeguuek'w a sea stack near 'R Hlrgr'

perkwery hills, the back of a house, the rear part of a house

permeryerh rock used to make pemoyekw, waterproof, water-resistant, rainproof, smooth

perncherch dust

Pueleek Serrnery Hunters Creek

raak creek

Raayeep a pebbly beach at the south end of 'E'goo, by Trinidad Head

rechah mountain ridge

rekoyoysh white flint used for cutting

rek'woy river mouth

Rek'woy Requa

rewkwo'hl it is misty

Rewonew a place on the Klamath in the vicinity of Tektah

rohpee'hl it clears (of weather)

rookw wind

rook'ws it blows (of wind), s/he is flatulent

rootah sun ray

roreer snow

roree' it snows

ro'ohpee' cliff, anything inanimate standing (rocks, trees, etc.)

ro'r it snows

ruerowech dance in a particular direction, move across the sky (of stars)

Saa' a village on the Klamath, next to and downriver from Kep'el

sahksah hail, hail

Sa'ahl a village along the Klamath

segep 'ue-pery rainbow

sepolah valley, field, prairie

sepolek valley, field, prairie

seporah small valley, small clearing

Sewew Katimin, a place in Karuk territory

Seeegonoy 'ue-ket'ue'r Freshwater Lagoon

skeweg be good weather, be clear weather, be sunny weather

skewege'hl it is good weather, it is clear weather

skueweg be good weather

skuewege'hl it is good weather

smesmemohl break up, slide (of mountainside), landslide, ravine

so'oo 'we-laay Milky Way

Sreg Heekoh a place across from Sregon

Sreg Pech a place just upriver from Sregon; also called Chokik

Sreg Puelekw a place just downriver from Sregon

Sreg Won a place just uphill from Sregon

Sregon a village on the Klamath

Srepor a village site south of Churey

Srperh a village along the Klamath

serrnerk'ws it is very windy weather

Stoowen a village along the Klamath upriver from Turip

Suemeeg Patrick's Point

swegoopeehl pour with rain

swoopee'hl pour with rain, rain hard

swerrk'ws there is a gust of wind, wind is blowing in this direction

s'eyoh pounding stone

ta' be hot weather, be sunny

ta'anoy'hl it is hot weather, it is sunny

ta'ehl be hot weather

Tektah a village on the Klamath across from the mouth of Tektah Creek

Tektah 'We-Roy Tektah Creek

Tekwsow a small flatland at the mouth of Pecwan Creek

ten rain

tenpewe'hl it is raining, rain, storm

tewol Pacific Ocean seaside, ocean, Pacific coast

tewolew ocean, coast, Pacific coast, toward the ocean side

teekwoh cove, gap in mountain

Teekwoh a place uphill from Keykem (formerly a prairie, now overgrown)

teekwohl there is a canyon, there is a low gap

Teekwoo the promontory between Stone Lagoon and Freshwater Lagoon

teekwo'l canyon

Tmerry a settlement next to Rek'woy

Tmery 'We-Roy Cannery Creek

Tohtar a village on the Klamath, downriver from Nagehl

tonpewe'hl it is showery

Trwerr an acorn place, camp site on the Klamath

Tuereep a town on the Klamath, up and across the river from Sa'ahl

tue'neryk a fork in a river

Twehlkar acorn grounds above the mouth of Srprh Creek

t'laakuehl cliff, steep cliff

t'laaso' cliff, drop off

t'lewoluehl drip, waterfall

t'ohlt'ohl mud, swampy ground

Wahsekw a village on the Klamath, Martin's Ferry

Wa's'ey a village on the Klamath downriver from Merip

Wechpek'w a spring at Wechpus

Wechpues Weitchpec (the town)

Wechpues a point projecting from the north side of the river into the Klamath estuary

Wehlkwew a village across the river from Rek'woy

Wogow Pecwan (Creek) middle ridge

Wohkero' a village on the Klamath, downriver from Wohtekw

Wohke'l a town on the Klamath, acroos from Hop'ew

wohpee island

Wohtekw a large village on the Klamath, downriver from Ko 'O Tep

Woketel a small homesite on the Klamath, across from 'O Skrwich

wonewsleg moon, sun

wonewslepah rainbow

wonoye'eek in the sky, up in the middle of the sky

wonue 'we-laayekah rainbow

Wr'ergerw a place near Nohchkuh

ye'w the sun sets

ye'wome'y the sun sets

Yohtar a town on the Klamath, across and downriver from Sregon

'Ayoohl a village up from Blue Creek where it joins the Klamath

'ehlkehl clay

'Enek' Amikiaram, downriver from Sewew, before Salmon River meets the Klamath, in Karuk territory

'Espew a village on the coast between Redwood Creek and the Klamath

'Espew 'O Ket'ue'l the lagoon at 'Espew

'Ewolek' a place on the Klamath between Merip and Kenek

'E'goo a beach north of Trinidad Head

'E'np'ueh a redwood grove on the Klamath at the mouth of Bear Creek

'E'np'ueh 'We-Roy Bear Creek

'Leptoyhl 'O Pkwegech a reef north of Churey

'n-ekwol my fishing rock, my claim, my title, my fishing place

'O Chaahl a village site on the Klamath

'O Chaahl 'We-Repokw a place

'O Chepor a settlement on the Klamath, near Bluff Creek

'O Chep' a village on the Klamath right across from Tulley Creek

'O Chew a fishing place on the Klamath, north of Kenek

'O Hlerger' a village west of the junction of the Trinity and the Klamath

'O Kaa a mountain above the Klamath

'O Kaa 'O Ket'ue'l a lake on 'O Kaa

'O Kegep a spring near 'O Men 'We Roy, a sea-stack near Elk Point, north of Churey

'O Keget'oh a place on the sandbar by Big Lagoon

'O Kegey Goat Rock (a ridge between Stone Lagoon and Big Lagoon)

'O Ket'oh Big Lagoon, a town on Big Lagoon

'O Ket'ue'l Big Lagoon

'O Kneget a large sea-stack just south of the mouth of the Klamath, Flint Rock Head (a conspicuous promontory south of the mouth of the Klamath), a crag on a cliff at the north of Patrick's Point, a rock in the ocean near the mouth of Luffenholtz Creek

'O Kweges sand dunes south of the mouth of Little River

'O Legew a place on the east side of Trinidad Head

'O Lego' a place on the Klamath across from Wa's'ey

'O Leeken a sandbar on the Klamath near Stoowen

'O Men a town along the coast north of Rek'woy

'O Men Heepuer a village north of 'O Men

'O Men 'We-Roy Wilson Creek

'O Menok a place on the Klamath, downriver from Hop'ew

'O Meee rock below Ko 'O Tep on turn/bend

'O Pegeesh a beach north of 'Espew

'O Plegoh a Hupa town (Ta'k'yimił-diŋ "where they stir acorn mush")

'O Puue'wet' a place on the Klamath near Pekwon

'O Pyuueweg a village on the south shore of Big Lagoon

'O Regos Tucker Rock (a rock at the mouth of the Klamath River)

'O Rew a bank downstream of 'Rnr'

'O Rew a camp-site or town on Redwood Creek, about 4 miles from the coast, just before Chilula land

'O Rew a rock in Karuk territory

'O Ruue a meadow in the area of Sregon

'O Schegep' the boat landing at Rek'woy

'O Schegep' a reddish cliff north(west) of the mouth of the Klamath

'O Schegep' a site with house-pits somewhere north of Stone Lagoon

'O Schegep' a rock by the landing spot at Churey

'O Segen a village on the coast between 'Espew and the mouth of the Klamath

'O Segen 'We-Roy a creek at 'O Segen

'O Segeesh a flat area along the Klamath near Wohkero'

'O Shyergerysh near Elk Point, "a sea rock, with two points"

'O Skerweech a home site on the Klamath upriver from Merip, across from Woketel

'O Slegoych a place where a trail descends, a declivity

'O Slookw a site on the northeast shore of Big Lagoon

'O Slookw a place one mile up the Trinity from Weitchpec

'O Teguuekw a flat rock near Pekwon on the south side of the Klamath

'O Tmekwor a village at the north end of Redwood Lagoon

'O Tohpew a natural archway under Krrnit 'Wo-'O'l (Little Trinidad Head)

'O Tuuer Cleveland Riffle

'O Twegoh a draw upriver from Welhkwew, at the mouth of the Klamath

'Ohpoh flat land by Ahpah Creek

'Oohl 'O Chyuue a cliff overlooking the Klamath River

'Oolekw acorn grounds on the Klamath, across from Heyomew

'O'lehl a home site across from Kenek

'o'r it is the first sliver of the new moon

'O'rekw mouth of Redwood Creek, a village to the south of Redwood Lagoon (Orick)

'O'rekw 'We-Roy Redwood Creek

'R Hlerger' False Klamath Rock

'Ernerr' a village at Blue Creek where it joins the Klamath

'Ernerr' 'We-Roy Blue Creek

'U-Kwewon the beach between Trinidad Head and Little Trinidad Head

'ueme'woo river

'wes'onah sky, horizon, world, cosmos, earth, universe

'wes'onew sky

'Yoch Legaay a ridge above 'O Men 'We-Roy

'Yoch 'O Kegey a place on the sand barrier between Freshwater Lagoon and the ocean