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Pekwtehlpn 1 a rock in the Klamath River near Pekwon 2 a sea stack by Stone Lagoon

Lexicon record # 2514 | Source references: YG:D56 YG:I6
Semantic domain: place names

Other places in the Pekwon and Orick areas: Chahpekw, Chahpekw 'O Ket'oh, Chahpekw 'O Ket'ue'l, Chokeek, Chokeek 'We-Roy, Ch'eeegolew, Ch'eeegolew 'We-Roy, Ha'aag 'O Mekwehl, Ke'weenow, Keykem, Knuehl, Ko 'O Tep, Meleg, Metah, Metah 'We-Roy, Negono', Nekoksep, Nohchkueh Heekoh, Pekwon, Pekwon 'We-Roy, Seeegonoy 'ue-ket'ue'r, Sreg Heekoh, Sregon, Sreg Pech, Sreg Puelekw, Sreg Won, Srperh, Tektah, Tektah 'We-Roy, Tekwsow, Teekwoh, Teekwoo, Twehlkar, Wogow, Wohkero', Wohtekw, Yohtar, 'Yoch 'O Kegey, 'Espew, 'Espew 'O Ket'ue'l, 'O Chaahl, 'O Pegeesh, 'O Schegep', 'O Segen, 'O Segen 'We-Roy, 'O Segeesh, 'O Slegoych, 'O Teguuekw, 'O Tmekwor, 'O'rekw, 'O'rekw 'We-Roy, 'Oohl 'O Chyuue

Geographical stories

  • YG243 (Pekwtehl 1) • "There used to be a sand spit running up-stream from the upper end of this rock, but the current shifted and carried it away."
  • Pekwon Jim, "Pelin Chiik Caught in the River", YM389 (Pekwtehl 1) • "Now Pelin Chiik lives there by that rock. When one who knows it passes in a boat, he watches, and when the boat is abreast of the rock, toward the middle of the stream, he claps his hands for luck and says, Cho' skuye'n soo nu hegok' ki yahpelin 'ne-kwomhlechook' ['I hope I travel well and will be happy when I return']."

Photo (by Andrew Garrett)