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Plue'lpn • Fish Lake, on the mountain above Weitchpec and Bluff Creek

Lexicon record # 2637 | Source reference: YN224
Semantic domain: place names
Derivation: morphological structure pl-u'l-

Other places in the Wechpus area: Heyomew, Pekwtuehl, Peleen Kerrcherh, Wechpek'w, Wechpues, 'O Hlerger', 'O Rew, 'O Slegoych, 'O Slookw, 'Oolekw

Geographical story

  • YN224 • "After the water which had covered the world went down, a whale was left stranded in Plu'l. When she flapped her tail, she splashed mud out because the lake was shallow and she reached nearly across it."