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'O Regos

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'O Regosn • Tucker Rock (a rock at the mouth of the Klamath River)

Lexicon record # 4321 | Source references: YG:A43 R270 JE219
Semantic domain: place names

Other places in the Rek'woy area: Hehlkue Serr, Heewow, Hop'ew, Hop'ew Puel 'We-Roy, Hop'ew 'We-Roy, Prgeesh 'O Chyeguuek'w, Pueleek Serrnery, Rek'woy, Tmery 'We-Roy, Tmerry, Wechpues, Wehlkwew, 'Yoch Legaay, 'O Kegep, 'O Kneget, 'O Kwegoh 'O Ket'oh, 'O Men, 'O Men Heepuer, 'O Men 'We-Roy, 'O Menok, 'O Schegep', 'O Schegep', 'O Twegoh, 'R Hlerger'

Geographical story

  • YG231 • "In this rock lives a supernatural being who is one of ten personages addressed in a medicine for purification after funerals. When death was being introduced into the world these beings tried to prevent it. Unsuccessful, they still live in various rocks along the Klamath, beginning far up in Karok territory."

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  1. 'O Regos "Tucker Rock" (spoken by Jessie Van Pelt)

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