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'O Rew

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'O Rewpn • a fishing place across from Weitchpec, where the current formerly struck the south shore

Lexicon record # 4322 | Source reference: YG:G22
Derivation: literally, "where it drops"

Geographical story

  • YG258 • "A monster lives in the water here, who enjoys the distinction of being the son of K'e Puloyoh and the grandson of the culture hero, Wohpekumew. The prodigy's name is Chooli-hlah. He is covered with horns, as crowded as hairs, with two extra large horns, striped transversely, sticking out of his forehead. These horns can sometimes be seen projecting out of the water, as the monster swims below. If a person can break off a piece of this striped horn he keeps it in his elk-horn purse, along with his shell money ... The monster is of titanic size. His very lice even are as big as grasshoppers."