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'O'rekwpn • mouth of Redwood Creek • a village to the south of Redwood Lagoon (Orick)

Lexicon record # 4383 | Source references: CW(JPH008) YG:H32
Semantic domain: place names

Other places in the Orick area: Chahpekw, Chahpekw 'O Ket'oh, Chahpekw 'O Ket'ue'l, Meleg, Pekwtehl, Seeegonoy 'ue-ket'ue'r, Teekwoo, 'Yoch 'O Kegey, 'Espew, 'Espew 'O Ket'ue'l, 'O Pegeesh, 'O Schegep', 'O Segen, 'O Segen 'We-Roy, 'O Tmekwor, 'O'rekw 'We-Roy

Geographical story

  • Stone of Wechpus, "Falcon", YM224 • "Krrnit grew at 'O'rekw. The Pelicans lived near him. Gull was his friend. Then Krrnit's children died. He said, 'I want no one to catch smelt here, because my children have died.' Soon he saw many boats. The Pelicans were coming to fish at 'O Rek'w. Then Krrnit sent word to Gull, 'Go and tell them that I shall not let them fish because my children have died.' Gull went and told the Pelicans. They said, 'We cannot stop now; we have come and we must fish. How big is his mouth?' Gull said, 'Oh, he has only a small mouth.' The Pelicans said, 'Well, let him come. We are going to fish. If he does not like it, tell him he can begin to fight.' Gull went back to Krrnit. The Pelicans said to one another, 'Let us attack him. We have large mouths and can swallow him. When you see him, open your mouths.' Now they saw Krrnit coming, and prepared to fight. The first Pelican opened his mouth. Krrnit flew straight into it and shot through him. The next one opened his mouth, and Krrnit went through him. So he killed them all. That is why he moved away from 'O'rek'w, because he had killed many of them."

Short recording (1)

  1. 'Oo'reek "Orick" (spoken by Robert Spott)

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