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Chaahl 'O Knew a long beach

Chahpekw a village at Stone Lagoon

Chahpekw 'O Ket'oh Stone Lagoon

Chahpekw 'O Ket'uel' Stone Lagoon

Chkweges 'O Rek'eeen a rock in the Klamath below 'Rnr'

Chkweges 'W-a'aag a sea-stack, the larger of the Turtle Rocks near Patrick's Point

Chokeek a place just upriver from Sregon; also called Sreg Pech

Chokeek 'We-Roy the creek at Chokik

Chuelue Bald Hills

Chuerew Trinidad, Tsurai, the Indian town at Trinidad

Chuerewa' Trinidad Head (a large rounded promontory at Trinidad, almost separated from the mainland)

Chuerey Trinidad, Tsurai, the Indian town at Trinidad

Hehlkeek 'We-Roy Klamath River

Hehlkue Serr Maynot Creek

Heeneg a Tolowa town on Smith River, Smith River

Heewow a house in Rek'woy

Ho Wegoh a flat near the Klamath

Hoktkehl a promontory on the north side of Trinidad Head

Hop'ew a village in the current location of Klamath

Hop'ew Puel 'We-Roy a gully upriver from Hop'ew

Hop'ew 'We-Roy a creek downriver from Hop'ew

Huep'oo Hupa

Kenek a village on the Klamath

Kenek Puel a village downriver from Kenek

Kenek 'We-Roy Tuley Creek

Keykem a village on the Klamath

Keehl 'O Tep Heemar a fishing place on the Klamath

Keehl 'O Tep 'We-Roy a creek on the Klamath

Knetken 'O Loo a large boulder in the Klamath downstream from Muurekw

Knewsep a long prairie

Knuehl a fishing place (where there is deep water) off Moore's Rock

Kohpey Crescent City, site of Crescent City

Kerrneet 'Wo-'Ol' Little Trinidad Head (a promontory near Trinidad Head)

Legep'ew a hole or cave on the southwest side of Trinidad Head

Meleg a sea-stack between 'O Segen and the mouth of the Klamath

Meweehl 'O Legehl Cann's Prairie (on the ridge of the Bald Hills above the mouth of Redwood Creek)

Mewomekwehl a flat area by Trinidad Head, now a parking lot

Muerekw a village on the Klamath

Negono' a place below Keykem

Nohchkueh a village on the Klamath

Nohchkueh Heekoh a place across the river from Nohchkuh

Pekwon Pecwan (a village on the Klamath)

Pekwon 'We-Roy Pecwan Creek

Pekwtehl a rock in the Klamath River near Pekwon, a sea stack by Stone Lagoon

Pekwtuehl a village between the Klamath and Trinity where they meet

Peleen Kerrcherh the ridge above Pekwtuhl

Pluel' Fish Lake, on the mountain above Weitchpec and Bluff Creek

Poykoh 'O Lep a knoll just north of Big Lagoon

Prgeesh 'O Chyeguuekw' a sea stack near 'R Hlrgr'

Pueleek Serrnery Hunters Creek

Raayeep a pebbly beach at the south end of 'E'goo, by Trinidad Head

Rek'woy Requa

Sa'ahl a village along the Klamath

Seeegonoy 'ue-ket'uer' Freshwater Lagoon

Sreg Heekoh a place across from Sregon

Sreg Pech a place just upriver from Sregon; also called Chokik

Sreg Puelekw a place just downriver from Sregon

Sreg Won a place just uphill from Sregon

Sregon a village on the Klamath

Srepor a village site south of Churey

Srperh a village along the Klamath

Stoowen a village along the Klamath

Suemeeg Patrick's Point

Teekwoh a place uphill from Keykem (formerly a prairie, now overgrown)

Teekwoo the promontory between Stone Lagoon and Freshwater Lagoon

Tmery 'We-Roy Cannery Creek

Twehlkar a place along the Klamath above Srpr'

Wahsekw a village on the Klamath, Martin's Ferry

Wa's'ey a village at Young's Bar

Wechpekw' a spring at Wechpus

Wechpues Weitchpec (the town), a point projecting from the north side of the river into the Klamath estuary

Wehlkwew a village across the river from Rek'woy

'Espew a village on the coast between Redwood Creek and the Klamath

'Espew 'O Ket'uel' the lagoon at 'Espew

'E'goo a beach north of Trinidad Head

'Leptoyhl 'O Pkwegech a reef north of Churey

'O Chaahl a village site on the Klamath

'O Chaahl 'We-Repokw a place

'O Kaa a mountain above the Klamath

'O Kaa 'O Ket'uel' a lake on 'O Kaa

'O Kegep a spring near 'O Men 'We Roy, a sea-stack near Elk Point, north of Churey

'O Keget'oh a place on the sandbar by Big Lagoon

'O Kegey Goat Rock (a ridge between Stone Lagoon and Big Lagoon)

'O Ket'oh Big Lagoon, a town on Big Lagoon

'O Ket'uel' Big Lagoon

'O Kneget a large sea-stack just south of the mouth of the Klamath, Flint Rock Head (a conspicuous promontory south of the mouth of the Klamath), a crag on a cliff at the north of Patrick's Point, a rock in the ocean near the mouth of Luffenholtz Creek

'O Kweges sand dunes south of the mouth of Little River

'O Legew a place on the east side of Trinidad Head

'O Men a town along the coast north of Rek'woy

'O Men Heepuer a village north of 'O Men

'O Men 'We-Roy Wilson Creek

'O Pegeesh a beach north of 'Espew

'O Plegoh a Hupa town (Ta'k'yimił-diŋ "where they stir acorn mush")

'O Pyuueweg a village on the south shore of Big Lagoon

'O Regos Tucker Rock (a rock at the mouth of the Klamath River)

'O Rew a fishing place across from Weitchpec, where the current formerly struck the south shore, a bank downstream of 'Rnr', a camp-site or town on Redwood Creek, about 4 miles from the coast, just before Chilula land, a rock in Karuk territory

'O Schegep' the boat landing at Rek'woy, a reddish cliff north(west) of the mouth of the Klamath, a site with house-pits somewhere north of Stone Lagoon, a rock by the landing spot at Churey

'O Segen a village on the coast between 'Espew and the mouth of the Klamath

'O Segen 'We-Roy a creek at 'O Segen

'O Segeesh a flat area along the Klamath near Wohkero'

'O Shyergerysh near Elk Point, "a sea rock, with two points"

'O Slegoych a place where a trail descends, a declivity

'O Slookw a site on the northeast shore of Big Lagoon

'O Teguuekw a flat rock near Pekwon on the south side of the Klamath

'O Tmekwor a village at the north end of Redwood Lagoon

'O Tohpew a natural archway under Krrnit 'Wo-'O'l (Little Trinidad Head)

'Oohl 'O Chyuue a cliff overlooking the Klamath River

'O'rekw mouth of Redwood Creek, a village to the south of Redwood Lagoon (Orick)

'O'rekw 'We-Roy

'R Hlerger' False Klamath Rock

'Rner' a village along the Klamath

'Erner' 'We-Roy Blue Creek

'U-Kwewon the beach between Trinidad Head and Little Trinidad Head

'Yoch Legaay a ridge above 'O Men 'We-Roy

'Yoch 'O Kegey a place on the sand barrier between Freshwater Lagoon and the ocean

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'O'rekw 'We-Roypn • Redwood Creek

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Other places in the Orick area: Chahpekw, Chahpekw 'O Ket'oh, Chahpekw 'O Ket'uel', Meleg, Pekwtehl, Seeegonoy 'ue-ket'uer', Teekwoo, 'Yoch 'O Kegey, 'Espew, 'Espew 'O Ket'uel', 'O Pegeesh, 'O Schegep', 'O Segen, 'O Segen 'We-Roy, 'O Tmekwor, 'O'rekw