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'Oohl 'O Chyuue

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'Oohl 'O Chyuuepn • a cliff overlooking the Klamath River

Lexicon record # 4411 | Source reference: YG:D2
Semantic domain: place names

Other places in the Pekwon area: Chokeek, Chokeek 'We-Roy, Ch'eeegolew, Ch'eeegolew 'We-Roy, Ha'aag 'O Mekwehl, Ke'weenow, Keykem, Knuehl, Ko 'O Tep, Metah, Metah 'We-Roy, Negono', Nekoksep, Nohchkueh Heekoh, Pekwon, Pekwon 'We-Roy, Pekwtehl, Sreg Heekoh, Sregon, Sreg Pech, Sreg Puelekw, Sreg Won, Srperh, Tektah, Tektah 'We-Roy, Tekwsow, Teekwoh, Twehlkar, Wogow, Wohkero', Wohtekw, Yohtar, 'O Chaahl, 'O Segeesh, 'O Slegoych, 'O Teguuekw

Geographical story

  • YG239 • "A woman's parents were unkind. She travelled along, wishing something would happen to her. When she got here she sat down to rest and turned into a rock. The upper part of this rock is shaped like a person's head."