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'R Hlerger'

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'R Hlerger'pn • False Klamath Rock • Variant 'O Lrger'

Lexicon record # 4416 | Source reference: YG:A28
Semantic domain: place names

Other places in the Rek'woy area: Hehlkue Serr, Heewow, Hop'ew, Hop'ew Puel 'We-Roy, Hop'ew 'We-Roy, Prgeesh 'O Chyeguuek'w, Pueleek Serrnery, Rek'woy, Tmery 'We-Roy, Tmerry, Wechpues, Wehlkwew, 'Yoch Legaay, 'O Kegep, 'O Kneget, 'O Kwegoh 'O Ket'oh, 'O Men, 'O Men Heepuer, 'O Men 'We-Roy, 'O Menok, 'O Regos, 'O Schegep', 'O Schegep', 'O Twegoh

Geographical stories

  • YM445 • "All the large rocks along the coast have vegetation on top because there is soil on them. So it is also with the large rock ['R Hlrgr'] off 'O Men on which they dig bulbs. At first the soil was continuous from the mainland over to these rocks, but the sea has since washed them out, leaving the earth and growth on top."
  • YG230 • "The youngest of five brothers became transformed into a supernatural being and took up his abode in this rock ['R Hlrgr']. He has a pipe, of mysterious powers, which he keeps in a pipe-case of weasel skin. This latter 'becomes alive' and runs about the country, and occasionally enters houses where people are eating ... It may be recognized as the supernatural animal by a white stripe across its nose, and a short tail. The owner of the pipe said long ago when he went into the rock that if people looked at the rock and cried, they would get many woodpecker heads (chii's)."