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Your search: semantic domain rocks and inanimate natural objects

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Broader semantic domain: physical world

Related semantic domain(s): landscape, place names, astronomy and the sky, weather

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chaahl sand, beach

chekche'eehl prayer rock

chkemkoh flint used in face tattooing

ha'aag rock

hlkehl land, ground, clay, dirt

hlkeyom clay

hlke'mah ladder, stepping stones

hlkohl mud

hlkoolon be muddy, mud

kehlkem red clay, floor

koykuue'l hollow rock (lucky)

neeegem flint, obsidian

pa'ah 'o pkwekoyo' a spring (of water)

pehlkohl pebbles, gravel

pehlkoo pebble

pemoyekw rock dish, a hollowed rock used in cooking to collect grease drippings

pewolah terrace, stones used to pave a floor

peyken colored mud

pe'wol soapstone

pontet ashes

permeryerh rock used to make pemoyekw, waterproof, water-resistant, rainproof, smooth

perncherch dust

rekoyoysh white flint used for cutting

s'eyoh pounding stone

t'ohlt'ohl mud, swampy ground

'ehlkehl clay

'n-ekwol my fishing rock, my claim, my title, my fishing place