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chmeyonen hoogech evening star

hoogech star

hoogech neee'n astronomer

hoogech 'ue-m falling star

hoogechoy be starry (night)

kechee' it is daylight

koypoh hoogech morning star

kuereesh the end of a net, the point of a V-shaped mark, used for calendar keeping, made in a slate slab in the floor of a sweat-house

kyah rise (sun or moon), spring (season), vernal

lekonee hoogech falling star, shooting star

mehl seges'ew shooting star

rootah sun ray

ruerowech dance in a particular direction, move across the sky (of stars)

so'oo 'we-laay Milky Way

wonewsleg moon, sun

wonoye'eek in the sky, up in the middle of the sky

ye'w the sun sets

ye'wome'y the sun sets

'o'r it is the first sliver of the new moon

'wes'onah sky, horizon, world, cosmos, earth, universe

'wes'onew sky